There are two components to Numnuts: a ring applicator tool and a local anaesthetic injector cartridge that locks on top of the ring applicator tool. The ring applicator tool will last for many seasons. The injector cartridge is replaced every 65 shots. The injector cartridge has two components that are joined just before use. This procedure ensures there is a new needle and a sterile bottle of pain relief drug ready to use in each new cartridge. The packaging has been carefully designed for operator convenience and for operator and lamb safety.   A new needle with every new injector cartridge helps minimise the risk to the lamb of infection and ensures that the needle remains sharp. This innovation is more humane than the common practice of using a single needle for 100s of animal injections, for instance during vaccination and some worm treatments.

During the first few seasons a veterinarian’s script may be required when purchasing the replaceable injector cartridge (which includes the local anaesthetic drug).  Regulations controlling the supply of the injector module may vary between countries. Further details will be provided on this website when country-specific details become available.


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