Numnuts commercial trials were carried out on 5 selected commercial farms in Australia during the 2018 marking season.

We aim to make Numnuts available to approximately 500 Farmers, Marking Contractors and Vets in Australia during Q3-4 2019

The farms that have registered their interest and shown an intention to purchase Numnuts ahead of your marketing season will be first in line to receive the limited stock we will have available in 2019.

To become a Numnuts early adopter register your interest with the Numnuts Team.

We aim to distribute Numnuts in Australia first. We hope to make it available in the UK in 2020 and are actively seeking UK Vet practices who wish to partner. With a fair wind, the product will be available in  New Zealand in 2020

Click here to learn more about the Numnuts development journey.


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