As many southern hemisphere producers will be marking their lambs just now, I felt it was a good time to circulate progress on Numnuts Pain Relief.

v14 Prototype on a commercial trial

Development Funding

I am delighted to announce that in January 2018 we succeeded in raising sufficient funds to take Numnuts to a preliminary commercial stage. As a result, we are now on a pathway of production engineering aiming to have the tool ready at pilot scale during the second half of 2019.  Our funders are Meat and Livestock Australia,  Australia Wool Innovation,  the Moredun Foundation, a private veterinarian and the Senesino engineering team.

I am proud that we have achieved this support without venture capitalists and banks because it is important that our customers know that the Numnuts stakeholders have the interests of farmers at heart. Our business goal is to keep the farming industry the centre of this innovation, and more about how you can help will follow.

2018/19 Successes and Thanks

During the last year, we have given some 15,000 lambs pain relief at marking time using the Numnuts System.  We carried out comercial trials of the the tool on five leading producers properties and in both Merinos and crossbreds. We are hugely indebted to; Andy and Jodie Green (Aloeburn, NSW),

Andy and Jodie Green (Aloeburn, NSW)

TA Field Pty Ltd. (Wyvern and Congi, NSW), Michael Craig (Tuloona, VIC) and Tim Leaming (Paradoo VIC), for their support in hosting our test engineers during the last twelve months.

TA Fields amongst the first to use Numnuts Pain relief in 2018

The work carried out in recent months, with comments and feedback from Michael Craig & contractor Peter Roberts has been reported on Sheep Central in a report you can read here

I should also like to thank the early pioneer users, John Chappell (Arkhaven, NSW), CSRIO FD McMaster Laboratory (test farm NSW), Chook Keely (Marinka,NSW) and Bobby Lenox, (Shannon, Loch Lomond, Scotland) who, under scientific supervision with ethics approval, allowed us onto their farms at marking time and supported the R&D phase of Numnuts development.

Bobby Lennox supported Numnuts R&D with his Black Face lambs, Scottish hill farming, Loch Lomond

Future Plans

The engineering of the Numnuts tool is on schedule, and in the next two months our design engineers will be finalising and completing their drawings to allow the remaining mould tools to be produced. Anyone familiar with this process will know it is hugely capital expensive, but once complete will allow us to manufacture the product cost-effectively for farmers in time for the 2019 season in Australia and hopefully for the UK and New Zealand in 2020.


A selection of precision CNC machined and 3D printed prototype parts for commercial testing

We are establishing distribution channels for the Numnuts. Once the tool has been purchased (~AU$200), the cost per procedure is expected to be in the region of 65c (AU$). So, assuming equal numbers of male and females and that the procedure will be done on both tails and scrotums, it works out close to one AUS$ per lamb.

How you can help…

It would be very helpful if you could indicate whether you are likely to become a numnuts user via our ‘Register your Interest’

Even better, if you would commit to buying a “starter pack” which will be available shortly!

Answers to these questions will allow us to gauge demand and the optimum number of units to make, thus crucially keeping the product at a price affordable to you, the farmer.

Yours Aye

Robin Smith

Numnuts Founder & Inventor

Director Senesino Ltd

3D Printed and CNC pre-production prototype device

Numnuts v14 Prototype used successfully in Australia in 2018


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