What is Numnuts?

Worldwide, more than 100 million lambs are castrated and tail docked each year without pain relief. The patented Numnuts® technology is a practical, farmer-friendly method for alleviating the pain suffered when lambs are castrated and tail-docked (known together as 'marking'). Numnuts® lets the farmer apply a rubber ring and inject local anaesthetic, quickly, safely and effectively. We intend to launch Numnuts® for the 2019 lambing season.

Ergonomic Banding Tool

For the first time, a banding tool that is easier to use, reducing operator RSI whilst providing super fast ring application, without bruising the animal

Injection Mechanism

An operator safe, 2-stage injection mechanism ensures you dispense the right dose of anaesthetic to the right location each and every time.

Pain Relief

The core reason to get involved with Numnuts. Our patented technology is scientifically proven to reduce tail docking and castration pain by up to 65%.


About Numnuts

Want to know a bit more? Here we go into detail about how the product works, why it is the way it is, and how it's come to be.

Our Journey

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How effective is Numnuts Pain Relief?

Fast acting, nerve block local anaesthetics are well recognised as effective agents for delivering (ischemic) pain relief experienced by lambs in the first hour after being ringed. Thus the Numnuts animal behavioural science studies investigated the Read more...


If you have any more questions, feel free to email ewan@numnuts.co.uk or visit our F.A.Q. page.

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