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Using Numnuts

Help from the Numnuts team and tips & tricks from our expert users

Help Videos:

Numnuts® Device | Application Technique with Dom Niemeyer

Demonstrating Numnuts application and technique with some troubleshooting tips for mis-injection.

Tips | Top Tips and Tricks from Numnuts Users

In this video, three of our users explain the tips and tricks that make using Numnuts during lamb marking easier and more efficient for them.

Numnuts® Application Technique | Lauren Tindal QLD

Lauren & Doug Tindal are one of the first users of Numnuts in Queensland and have become experienced and with their injection technique. Lauren shares some of her tips for an efficient workflow at lamb marking in this video.

Numnuts® Technique | Skin Tension & Scoop | Castration

Occasionally the needle then injects into a skin fold rather than popping through the skin under the wool and the NumOCaine is deposited outside the animal where it will have little effect. This video shows you how to fix this.

Blog Posts:

NumOcaine® for use with lamb marking

NumOcaine® Change Over – Fast & No Fuss

Changing bottles over on your Numnuts device is fast and straightforward,
due to our patented ‘Quick Change Cartridge’.

Numnuts Detailed Guide

Learn more everything you need to know about the Numuts device and NumOcaine
in our detailed guide. Now downloadable for offline reading


Make A Holder For Your Numnuts Device

This Numnuts holder is quick and easy to make! It speeds up workflow at lamb marking and helps the
device to function smoothly by keeping it upright when it is placed down.

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